Your Opinion is not Gold

Your Opinion Doesn’t Always Matter

There’s an idea today that your opinion is always right. That everybody is entitled to their opinion and whether it’s made from thin air, or actually has merit, it is equally as important.

Well, I’d like to offer a different viewpoint.

Your opinion is not equal to somebody else’s who know’s more on the subject.

This may come as a shocker, but, somebody who has studied, read, talked to others who have a greater knowledge than them on the subject, certainly have a greater weight in an argument on their opinion.

This does not mean that your opinion is worthless. It just simply means that if you recognize that somebody has a good working knowledge on the subject matter, and it is much more than your own, maybe you should sit back and not pretend to know more than you do.

However, as difficult as this may be to do, there is hope.

In order to make your opinions increase in weight, do your research. Fact check. Read both sides of an argument.

Find out why you have the opinion you do, not on a surface level, but truly understand why you have that opinion and how you can rebuttal counter-arguments.

-Cooper Mitchell

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