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What’s the First Step in Starting a Business?

The first step when it comes to starting a business is to pursue.

What do I mean by pursue? I mean pursue your dream like a tiger stalking its prey, like a ship seeking it’s harbor, like a golf ball seeking it’s hole.


Move after your dream of starting a business with a vengeance that you’ve never used so you can experience something you never have.

So, you may be asking, what’s the actual first step in building a business, not just some motivational phrase? It starts with an idea.

You must have an idea that is your own. That is unique to you. Not in the sense that you’re the only person who’s ever thought of it, but rather an idea that you identify with, that you believe with all you can make work. You and only you.

An idea is a mustard seed, that when properly taken care of can blossom into something magnificent and large.

Like your business.

Nurture your idea, and grow a business.

-Cooper Mitchell

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