Using Interval Training for Increased Focus in Your Daily Life

Something I’ve been doing research on is how physical training effects the mental side of life. It’s great to be strong and capable in the gym, however we live in an age where outrunning dinosaurs and lifting stones is not as necessary as it once was. That being said, strength is still in my opinion of utter importance and as I’ve seen in my life and many others can be a force in propelling somebody to achieve their goals outside of the gym.

One such idea I’ve run across a few times, but most notably in the book “The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance” by Joshua Waitzkin discusses using intensity followed by rest as a way of living life.

An example of this would be working with very intense focus for a certain period of time, and then afterward relaxing for a short time, and then once again applying extreme focus.

To build this Mr. Waitzkin (Grandmaster Chess Player, and Tai Chi Push Hands World Champion) uses something that all Crossfit athletes are accustomed to: Interval Training. Yes, EMOM’s (every minute on the minute training.)

If you think about it, its the perfect adaption. Jump on a rower, row your heart out for a minute, rest a minute, and do that for 20 minutes.

Imagine doing a similar sequence with longer time periods, but while using mental exertion in place of the physical.

It’s something I’ve been using and find myself much more focused and rather than wasting time checking social media or researching random things, I am focused on a task till I’m ready to rest, and then I will rest without feeling guilt.

This is something that can be used by everyone. Let’s say you’re in school and you’re studying for a difficult test. Rather than study half heartedly like many do, put every effort of yourself into studying for 10 minutes and then take a couple minutes rest.

Little hacks in time management can not only increase what you accomplish, but allow for my ultimate goal: more time to do the things I want!

Cooper Mitchell

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