Live and Die By Your Own Decisions

Refuse to Take Credit for Things You Haven’t Done

Everybody at sometime in their life will find themselves in a moral dilemma. They were perceived to have done something special, even though it was the work of somebody else.

What should you do in this situation?

Well, to put simply, give credit where credit is due; there’s a few reasons for this:

The first reason to not take somebody else’s credit is it’s simply not your’s to take. It’s a rather basic reason, but if it’s not you who did the good deed, you shouldn’t take somebody else’s opportunity for praise.

The second reason is, what happens if that seemingly good deed goes bad? Let’s say you were given credit for a business decision somebody else had made, but rather than saying it wasn’t your doing, you welcomed the praise. A few months later, that business decision that when made seemed like the right one, was now going all kinds of wrong.

What then?

The final reason of why you shouldn’t take credit for things you haven’t done is that you shouldn’t care what other think to begin with.

The opinion of others will ruin you if you let it dictate your life. With that mindset, the praise of others should have no consequence to whether you decide to take the credit of others doings or not.

Simply be yourself, and live and die by your own decisions, not others.