Using Momentum to Achieve Success

Today I’d like to discuss the use of momentum. Have you ever been working hard on something only to realize nothing was going your way? Whether that be a project for school, work or any other endeavor and then all of sudden things started to fall into place really quickly.

It was as if you were tied up and suddenly you broke the chains and were running free. It’s at this point that I think the most effort must be applied.

Often times when we experience this jolt of success we rest on our laurels. We take a step back and look at what we’ve accomplished. I’ve noticed this many times in my own life for example after having a great hockey game, gaining a new client, or having success in any other entrepreneurial effort. It’s at that moment that I rest and think of what I’ve accomplished.

However, this is the most important time to dig in and get to work. You’ve just experienced success, your confidence is sky high, and your outlook on life is extremely positive. Take that momentum going forward and use it to your advantage.

For those of you in sales, if you’ve just closed a sale over the phone, pick up that phone again and make more calls. If you’re a small business owner and just completed a successful marketing program, don’t wait to develop another one, start it immediately!

Have you ever noticed something similar in your own life where after you experienced success, rather than sitting back, you pushed forward and saw more benefit than if you would have followed the former?

Cooper Mitchell

find balance, see success

Find Balance, See Success

The body is a crazy thing. You can neglect it like the majority of Americans, and it will keep performing for much longer than it should. However, at some point everything breaks down and so too shall you. I urge you, however to not neglect the great machine that God has given you. Push yourself to your limits, see what you’re made of.

The constant pursuit of knowledge is so great and powerful, but without the body to control you are only half a person.

The same can be also be said for the other side of the coin. If you have achieved an elite level of fitness, don’t neglect your mind. The idea of only increasing one part of your life reminds me of the man who builds a large house on a shaky foundation. It may look good from the outside but someday the faults that lie in your foundation will be exposed and ultimately bring your ruin.

Find Balance, See Success.

Cooper Mitchell