Being Yourself No Matter What

Have you ever heard the term, “think outside the box?” The idea behind this is that to stand out, you need to get out of the current environment you are in.

Many industries have a certain stereotype that people fall into. The way they dress, talk, act, everything. I see it all the time, in fact a lot of the time I can simply have a conversation with somebody and based upon how they talk and look I can guess what they do for a living.


The reason?

Because everybody else is just like you.

How do you expect to stand out, whether that be to your boss, or if you’re an entrepreneur, to a potential customer? If you just do as the Romans do, you will experience the results the rest do, or worse.

To truly do something special, try being YOU!

That’s a weird concept in a world that tells you be like everyone else, but if you want to succeed and be something that is irreplaceable and indespensible, simply be the only thing that nobody else is. Which put simply is YOU!

– Cooper Mitchell