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Growing up we’re given all kinds of opportunities to learn and grow. Some are given more than others, and some simply take more advantage of the opportunities they were given. The best opportunity I have had for growth has come through the help of a mentor.

I was blessed in that I was born with a mentor. Somebody who put lots of time and energy into me, in showing me how to become a man. That man was my father and I am constantly leaning on him for advice in business and in life.

For the majority of you, you will not have this guidance given to you. You must go out into the world and seek the help of others. To give you an idea of how a mentor can propel you, take a look at Aristotle. Aristotle was mentored by Plato, Plato was mentored by Socrates. 3 of the most famous philosophers of all time. There’s only so much you can learn on your own and it is undoubtedly possible to bypass a whole myriad of mistakes by learning from those who have paved the path before you.

Previous to our time mentors were a common sight. Many empires were built by standing on the shoulders of giants and you should take the time to find someone to be your guide. Successful people love to tell you how they have become successful. If you seek, you shall find.

For those whose age and wisdom is far greater than my own, have you given the opportunity for those who seek to learn from you? I believe you can gain as much out of the relationship as the young person you’re teaching. It’s a win-win situation.

Cooper Mitchell

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