Abraham Lincoln Failures

Failure is NOT Fatal, Just Ask Abraham Lincoln

Failure can be difficult to swallow.

In the moment, it can often seem as if the world is crashing around you. This viewpoint is only enhanced by a short-term view on life. This viewpoint can infiltrate itself into every aspect of your being if you let it. Your business, your marriage, your friendships, everything!

Although this viewpoint is common, there are many in history who looked beyond their short-term failure. Instead of doting in the moment, these great examples focused on their long-term success.

One such giant in which I stand on the shoulders of is Abraham Lincoln.

Many may see Abraham Lincoln as a man with a straight shot to the top. That nothing and no one stood in the way of his perennial rise.

This notion I’m sure would have been flattering as his journey to success was anything but dominant.

Let’s take a look at his victories and more importantly his defeats:

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 9.27.21 AM

Now, why do I say, “more IMPORTANTLY his defeats.”

Well, first off, you can see based upon the red versus the green that there’s a lot more defeats/tragedies than there are triumphs.

BUT, the reason is really quite simple:

Learn from Others Mistakes, So You Don’t Have To Learn From Your Own

This also tales into another important aspect of failures:

Everyone Has Them. Nobody Likes to Talk About Them.

One key principle I’ve found in talking to people deemed “successful” is they love to talk  about themselves. This is for many reasons, however one such reason is to impart the lessons learned on the next generation who is eager to learn. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for us, there’s few who are truly interested in learning.

Sometimes it takes digging, but there is gold to be found in the mind of a successful man willing to share his failures.

Learn from others failures. Learn from your own failures. And most importantly, persist, persist, persist.

A smart man learns from his failures, a wise man learns from others’. – Unknown

Yours in Ambition,

Cooper Mitchell

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