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Your Opinion Doesn’t Always Matter

There’s an idea today that your opinion is always right. That everybody is entitled to their opinion and whether it’s made from thin air, or actually has merit, it is equally as important. Well, I’d like to offer a different viewpoint. Your opinion is not equal to somebody else’s who know’s more on the subject. […]

Being Yourself No Matter What

Have you ever heard the term, “think outside the box?” The idea behind this is that to stand out, you need to get out of the current environment you are in. Many industries have a certain stereotype that people fall into. The way they dress, talk, act, everything. I see it all the time, in […]

Iron Sharpens Iron

When you were born you were never handed a manual, given instructions, or shown videos on how to operate. You relied on your parents to teach you, to mold you, and to guide you into how they thought you should be. The guidance that you were given was hopefully in good faith. and as such […]

Keep Motivation Close

We often experience troubles, defeatist attitudes, and worries that without the mindset that anything can be overcome, can truly crush us. It’s for this reason that I keep motivation close at hand at all times. One of the most motivating things for me to see, is great men who have triumphed in the face of […]

Using Momentum to Achieve Success

Today I’d like to discuss the use of momentum. Have you ever been working hard on something only to realize nothing was going your way? Whether that be a project for school, work or any other endeavor and then all of sudden things started to fall into place really quickly. It was as if you […]

Should I Invest in a Roth IRA?

This is a question I’m asked nearly everyday. I think it’s great that people are becoming more knowledgeable on their investment options. However, I have no clue where the idea that investing in a Roth IRA became “THE GREATEST INVESTMENT EVER.” It’s a much more complicated question than a simple yes or no, and I […]

Find a Mentor

Growing up we’re given all kinds of opportunities to learn and grow. Some are given more than others, and some simply take more advantage of the opportunities they were given. The best opportunity I have had for growth has come through the help of a mentor. I was blessed in that I was born with […]

Are You as Busy as You Think?

How many times have you talked to someone who kept going on about how busy, and how little time they had to accomplish things? This is always a funny idea to me, because many people have much more time than they realize. Often after explaining the lack of time they have, they will then talk […]